Day 61 of 365 -Change Of Plan

Bad night’s sleep meant today was a little grotty!

Tomorrow, however I will be much better since I will shortly be sleeping.  

Today’s 5 will be tagged on to tomorrow’s 8 to make a glorious 13.

Wonder if I’ll bail and not do an early morning run? 

All depends on how good my morning coffee is I guess 😉

Day 58 of 365 – Long Day, Long Drive, Sleeping In A Car!

Not the greatest of photos but….

Middle seat removed and replaced with a board, which is now my sleeping place.

Tomorrow should be amazing and although I’m doubtful, good weather would mean spectacular view after some hard climbs.  

Today I finished work and was ready to leave my home so I could run up some big hills in the Lake District and push my self as I would inevitably  end up on tricky, snowy ground high up, and possibly even encounter severe weather.  Right now I’m excited and about to go to sleep. 

Pushing our limits and taking on adventures is what makes us alive. 😀