Day 39 – Prologue

This will be a post of various things…

Firstly, what I have achieved is not extraordinary.  I saved no lives, cured no diseases, stopped no wars, prevented no famines, poverty or droughts.

I merely placed one foot in front of the other regardless of the situations that arose.  So I raise my glass and salute those who work namelessly to help others andale the world we live in a better place.

Secondly, I now understand several important factors that I have been intrigued by, and romantically imagined I understand.  Retain your beginners mind as with it all things are possible.

Third and lastly, here is the first pages of a book that may never get published…

“Within these pages you will find no hidden secrets, no magical formulae and no recipes for adventure.  Instead you will see one person’s journey.  There are no limits other than the ones we set ourselves and it is these limits that hold us back.  We pander to the softer side of our nature, seeking the easiest route through life’s.  At some point we must realise that this is not the way to be true to our nature.  It is as important to embrace and invite discomfort as it is to invite challenge.   Without these, how are we to grow?”

Day 37 – Surprise Obstacle

The rain has been falling for the last 2 hours with no sign of it easing off. I feel somewhat grotty having spent a nice portion of the early post midnight hours being sick.  I’ve eaten two apples, drank some water and now wait to see what happens.  80 miles before I reach that distant finger post and I can stop trudging along the roads.  

Who knows what will happen today?

Day 36 – Finding Something To Say

During the day, most of the time my mind is in the present, whether singing, admiring a view or any of the numerous things that happen in the course of a day.  At first I found my brain wandering and often contemplative.  This doesn’t seem to happen in the same way anymore.  There are thoughts and contemplations but they don’t linger.  As soon as they manifest themselves, they move on.

Today is going to be much of the same.  I’ll move, the miles will pass and I will end the evening with a meal.  Perhaps I should walk with my journal, another thing that has been neglected, handy for those moments when I do have an interesting thought.

I think the point I’m trying to make is there isn’t much to this whole adventure way of living.  You wake, plan your day, pack away your equipment and begin to move on.  Anyone with the inclination can do it.  All that is important is that you realise that once you start, stopping is not an option.  The hard times, the problems and the challenges are the things that accelerate our learning and avoiding them is the first step in narrowing your mind.  

Day 35 – Bug Defeated

Somewhere around Horton (Yorkshire), I picked up a stomach bug which meant eating was a near pointless act.  What went in seemed to exit undigested and in record time.  I did eat in the hope that it would provide some of the nutrition a body needs, but that general feeling of being refuelled just wasn’t there and I had next to no appetite.

Yesterday however, the appetite returned.  I knew what I wanted to eat, I knew how much to eat again and I felt better for it.  Today is refuel day.  I’m cutting the mileage severely down just for today, sitting and eating to replenish some of those depleted reserves and then heading for the finish.

Does that mean a new schedule and finish date?

Yes and no.  I’ll be covering around 37-38 miles a day instead of the 33 a day.  I’ll still follow the same general route and I’m finishing on the same day at the same time.

What time?  You’ll just have to keep on your toes so you don’t miss it 😉

Day 33 – Tapping Hidden Reserves

I have no idea how or why my legs keep moving.  4 days since leaving Jedburgh and I’m 180 miles closer to the end point.

Tomorrow will be a big test.  31 miles in total, crossing the Cairngorms and reaching a height of  2992ft before descending and heading to Aviemore (although not reaching it and having to wait till the day after before reaching a resupply location).

Now all that is needed is some good weather and avoiding situation that will end with an MRT call out and the headline “Tourist nearly dies on Cairngorms with hanously inappropriate footwear”.

Day 31 – Perspective

I’ve read the following, although I’m addlibing from memory a little…

“You can’t say you enjoy the rain if you sit beneath a shelter.  You are not enjoying the rain but the romantic notion of the rain.”

Tomorrow it will rain and I am not concerend.  I will move forwards and appreciate the beauty of the mist created as rain falls.  I’ll walk and run along, making my way towards that finish and enjoy every minute of it.

Cold, wet or pain are now irrelevant as without these little things, how can we actually appreciate what is special?