Day 5 – The Love Of Trails

It is a wanderful feeling to wander and move along the coastal path.  Oddly, my pack feels lighter and I can move more efficiently with it on my back.  

Down side to today was that tomorrow and possibly the day after I will have to rest.  I had no choice but to return to the roads as I made my way to Barnstaple, and as I did I noticed and odd sensation in my right leg.  Luckily, I’ve caught it early and should be able to carry on but…

It’s important to know when to pause.

Knowledge of how our bodies work and what different problems feel and look like is probably the most important bit of info I carry.  Tendonopathy is a bummer. 

I will continue…..


Day 4 – Breaking Your Norm & Finding Nothing

Yes, I know.  This is philosophical clap trap, but it’s an odd sensation I’m alluding to.

Today I decided to take a route on road.  37 miles of dull, repetitive road. With each step, a small layer of what I call myself was stripped away.  The pain in my foot was no longer a problem and new issues where easily solved by altering the way I moved. 

Miles and hours passed by, but it all was one single moment.  Breaks, even if they were just a few minutes, seemed to fill me with new energy and my legs felt light again. 

Now, after finding a place to sleep, I am glowing with the warmth of a day’s hard work and will be sleeping… Lots. 

Day 3 – Small Part Of Heaven! Thanks to @theyurtcafe for showing it to me

it seems that hidden away, in the middle of nowhere, are small pieces of heaven.

Cornish Tipi Holidays and The Yurt Cafe are a couple of these pieces.  I’ve been to campsites and said “it was lovely” but this place is a true hidden gem.  At first site it’s just a field with The Yurt Cafe on it.  Then, as you explore deeper, you find tiny pockets with tipis and wigwams, all enclosed amongst green trees.

Then you see the sign…  “Lake”

Lake is the biggest understatement I have seen so far.  It is a lagoon like wander.  The sort of place you pay lots of money to go abroad and see.

Oddly, as of this wouldn’t be enough, there’s the delights of The Yurt Cafe.  Friendly, relaxing, good food and drink.  It’s the generosity and kindness of the two owners is just the cherry on top that makes this place special.  A place I’ll have to return to and enjoy.

Day 2 – Lunch & Moments

Nothing more than
a collection of moments.

Receiving several kisses from butterflies.

Finding a nice fellow who told me of the perfect camping spot. 

Racing the tide and winning (just!).

Pasty and a full belly at Portreath

Talking about running and stuff with Keith.

Eating squashed chocolate truffles that now resemble poop.

Remembering a great man who to all appeared ordinary.

The miracle of tumble driers.

Running the jellyfish gauntlet.

Eating a huge red apple whilst running through Hayle.


Day 1 – Two Decisions That Should Have Been Made Early

The whole point of large challenges is learning.   This morning, seeing the wet and windy weather I should have made a decision.

The decision should have been to delay by a day, as tomorrow promises far nicer weather, and would have givent the trails time to dry a little.  

The second decision was to do as I said I would do from te start….. If the weather is wet, wear my sandals!  I didn’t for the first unknown number of miles, and since I started with wet feet, the impact is obvious.   Luckily two things where done as part of the planning.

First I decided on a schedule that was managable and gave me additional days should I need to use them.  The second is carrying a pair of my sandals.  I guess there will be lots of criticism for my decision to get the sandals on in the wet, but there is that time limit I’m having to stick to.  

Now I have to make a decision on the route I take to Gwithian and whether I’ll cut the day short. I need to make sure I can get tent dried off before bedding down and that I have enough time to rest and make sure I can start to recoup the 2/3 hours I lost today due to the weather.   
Currently, I’m sat in Zeanor having a tea (laced with Tailwind) in the company of a pleasant gentleman named Jeremy. He joined me part way to Zeanor and has been kind enough to show me the way and buy me a tea.
Enjoy your Sunday’s.

Oh, and the pebble is now that little bit closer to John O’Groats. 

Day 1 – Adventure Begins With Slight Delay

The weather through the night was horrendous!  Gale force winds threatened to rip me and my tent off the ground like we were made of tissue paper!  Then, after several hours of being battered, a tent peg decides it has had enough, rotates and unleashed the edge of the tent, changing a slightly wind battered tent into a writhing animal!! 

It was time to put those fast packing skills into practice and thank my brain for making that last minute dry bag purchase.  Now I sit and wait for the wind to die down so I can start.  Wet is not the best conditions to run in, so today is going to be a challenge, but luckily there is a van to sit in and wait.

It’s going to be a long day….  


Adventure Begins With A Road Trip

 Feeling slightly worse for wear after some celebratory “schools out” drinks, but at least there’s good company along the way and since I’m not driving, plenty of time for catching up on missed sleep.  

It seems I’m currently stuck between excited and nervous, which appears to be a strangely calm location.  First day needs to be gotten out the way, but for now I’m planning on enjoying myself.

Have to say thanks to Adam and Rooth for being Adam and Rooth.  Possibly the best two people I have the pleasure of knowing 🙂

The Secret To Barefoot Toughness

It’s all in the training 😜


Joking aside…

Picking the toughest terrain to run across and doing this consistently is probably the only secret to making tough terrain easy and learning to relax as you move across it.  

I’ve got a long way to go before being an expert but then again, I have 1206 miles to practice on starting this Sunday (26th of July)!!