About The Barefoot LeJog Challenge

The words below are those that were written before the trip of a lifetime.  Having completed the 1162 mile run in 38 days (279 miles in Luna Sandals and 883 miles barefooted ), they could be rewritten, but it’s important to see where we start or we lose sight of what we once held important.  Needless to say, the trip was a success and the lessons learnt will stay for life.

For those interested the journey is journaled, starting at Day 1

I’ve realised that we all have choices.  We make them, or break them depending on circumstances and out sense of duty, but often we chose not to take on challenges or push ourselves to our limits.  We then sit and look at the incredible achievements of others and a part of us wishes we could achieve similar incredible things.

2 years ago I developed an idea of using my summer holidays to run the length of the UK, and over those 2 years, the idea kept returning.  Now I’m planning on completing the journey barefooted (or as barefooted as I can!), starting on the 26th of July 2015, in 6 weeks.  There will be no shoes, only an emergency pair of Luna sandals and 1206 miles of the UK’s fine countryside and footpaths.  Excluding the odd kind offer of a place to sleep, a wash and a some food, I will also be carrying what I need to survive, purchasing food and equipment I may need along the way and relying on Tailwind Nutrition as the main source of calories as I move from place to place.

(More information about the challenge)

This is all to raise awareness of strokes and also to raise the ludicrous amount of £10,000 for the Stroke Association, so they can continue to improve the lives of those who are effected by stroke and to fund research into preventing and treating strokes.

This blog is a means of documenting thoughts, training and the journey leading to completion of this challenge.  The reasons why I’d chose such a ridiculous challenge is at this link –> ‘Why Are You Doing This?’

“There is no point in doing something if you already know it is possible”


Aleks K



Media coverage

BBC East Midlands News August 2015

BBC Breakfast August 2015

BBC Yorkshire

Trail Running Magazine UK interview – July/Oct 2015 Issue

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BBC News Article September 2015 – Barefoot teacher runs from Land’s End to John O’ Groats

Barefoot LeJog pre start interview with The Outdoor Station – no-399-lejog-barefoot

Barefoot LeJog mid point interview with The Outdoor Station – no-400-lejog-barefoot-half-way

Barefoot LeJog Final interview with The Outdoor Station – no-401-barefootlejog-completed

Article in Dec/Jan 2015 edition of Runner’s World UK

Article in December 2015 edition of Barefoot Running Magazine

Article in December 2015 edition of The Great Outdoor Magazine

Ordnance Survey #GetOutside article in December 2015

14 thoughts on “About The Barefoot LeJog Challenge

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck with your running, I’m not into running myself, but I did like listening to ‘Born Slippy’ when I ran a bit, that helped me to run! I really like your photos on your site, great work.

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