Route Breakdown

The main plan is to follow the E1 trail from Nordkapp to Sicily and then ferry across to Spain to complete the last tiny section to Tarifa.  

This was the plan but the plan had to change.  The route isn’t as detailed due to a change during the run caused by delays and injury.  The route schedule is now evolving, but the main route is as follows (you can find more updated routes on Barefoot Aleks page on Facebook) :

Norway – E1 trail to Rous Vatn

Sweden – Roys Vatn to Ritsem, Ritsem to Ulricehamn then to Varberg

Denmark – exact route to be confirmed.  From Grenaa to Oerversee in Germany

Germany – South to Frankfurt, join E1 trail to Konstaz

Switzerland – Head towards France along the German Swiss border

France – Head south, close to Lyon towards Spain

Spain – Shortest and most trail route to Tarifa
The information below was the original adventure plan, but sometimes, a small decision can cause delays later on, which is why the adventure changed from following the E1 to running the length of Europe.

Thanks to Sophie Rooney (who is going to be running the length of Scandinavia following the same route and schedule!) and Steve Arden for their assistance on collating the route data that is available on fernwandern-in-europa website and also gathering information on availability of food (please note… the data Italian section still needs collating and will be added in due course).  This is the part of making schedule that is unfortunately dull but essential as par too putting a schedule together.

The links below will give both detailed information on the E1 trail and also access to the rough schedule being followed for the route.

E1 Trail Info – Includes information on availability of food, huts locations, height gains and distances

E1 Trail Schedule – this is based on covering an average of 50km a day for 5 days followed by 1 rest day.




14 thoughts on “Route Breakdown

  1. Wow, not long now Aleks, must be good to have the planning down!
    As I said we’re about 20 miles from Craven arms, so can offer you a bed/shower/bath as well as food and home brew of course! Not sure how you feel about coming so far out of your way or if you feel it would interfere with your journey too much, although we’d come pick you up and drop you off the next day (obvs.). We work from home so can pretty much be totally flexible about timing. Otherwise we can pop over and say hello/bring supplies etc., just let me know when you know!

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  3. Hey Alex,

    Great to see you on Saturday (8th August, Knighton), hope the cold shower, bed, beer, whisky and protein pancakes have helped. (I am know hooked – that’s the pancakes by the way). Still amazed how spritely you were. Keep pushing and good luck, see you in Scotland.

  4. Although I can’t join you on your jog (my wheelchair doesn’t do ‘off road’) as I have mentioned on fb you will be going right past our cottage in St Boswells (Melrose) and you are more than welcome to use any and all of our facilities, and partake of food and drink of course!

  5. Am leaving Lincolnshire tomorrow night early hours / Friday am, will hunt you down on my travel north even just to shake ur hand, if u need anything let me know,

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