The 21 Day Countdown

There’s three weeks left to go, ÂŁ2647 raised and 1,280 miles and 144,000ft of ascent completed in training. 

Right now I have a nice view up on a hill somewhere between Buxton and Belper, making my way to the Derwent River relays.   The sun is warming up for a spectacular display, I’m about to make a tea and get ready for pitch up and get some sleep before an early start in the morning.  

Hope your weekend starts as pleasantly as mine seems to be 🙂

The Love Hate Relatioship With Hotel BareFootLeJog 

That little red tent is going to be my home in 10 weeks time, abd I’ve already Christine’s it ‘Hotel BareFoot Lejog’.  It’ll be a place fir relaxing, refuelling and sleep for the maximum of 6 whole weeks, and this morning, having camped out after a day of running, BBQ and birthday cake with good company, I realised something.

This little red thing is going to be were I relax, loving the fact that I have it with me in the evenings as I go to sleep.  In the mornings I will fondly say goodbye as I pack it way, having reluctantly left its warm and glowing interior, but as I begin to get tired, I am going to be cursing its existence!

Right now however, I’m looking forward to seeing lots of these each evening.