Day 42 – Predicting The Future

I would like to share the following as I sit here on day 41…

I will see no one as I travel south in the most round about way you can imagine.

I will make my own trail where non exists, or I will develop the ability to walk on water.

I will get tired, I may experience aches and pains (not sure what the difference is but a phrase that’s used often) and I will eat way more than you think is possible.

I will love every minute of it.  I will miscommunicate the actuallity of doing this.  I have no way to convey the ease or difficulties of following this trail.

I will get cold, I will warm up, I will get wet and I will be dry.

Most importantly, I won’t be feeling any hardship.  No matter what I put, people expect it to be hard and really, if you think about it, it’s not that hard.  Just takes a long time.  I got sucked into this hardship mentality, the feeling sorry for yourself and placing ones lower lip so far down that it collects the dirt at your feet.

This isn’t hardship.  This is living.  This is experiencing a level of life that is challenging yet deeply comforting.  I won’t feel the pain you would after a hard race, because I won’t push that hard.  I will always keep a little back.

A friend once said ‘you bring a deep sense of joy to running, but you should remember to hold a little back’

Raj… Thanks for the reminder.  I always have kept a little back but your words ring in my ears when I see a tough section of trail and the urge is to battle it.  Instead, I go with it.  Roll with its punches, slide along its contours and move as though we are connected in some deep way. 

Hopefully as you read this I will be looking upon a landscape that is seldom touched by man.  A landscape that shapes those who tread upon it.  A landscape that is neither loving or hostile, but simply is what it is.  A state that maybe I’ll reach by the time I finish, warts and all.  

Have an fantastic week and remember…

On a more philosophical note…

We are all capable of things beyond our grasps and the only thing that places them there, is our choice to deny ourselves the chance.

Can’t remember if I read that or thought it but there it is.  Some words of motivation for those that feel they need a push 😉


2 thoughts on “Day 42 – Predicting The Future

  1. I’m still enjoying your journey vicariously – I’ve managed to read most of your blog entries, although I may have missed a few.

    I’d comment more often, but too much outside ‘interference’ would detract from the very personal adventure you on, so I keep quite most of the time! You don’t need advice from strangers – everything you need to know is already inside you, and digging it out for yourself is the whole point!

    So anyway… wishing you all the best, from one trans-European traveler to another!

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