Day 35 – Delays = Decisions 

There’s a few bits to this adventure that have come to light.

The trail further south of me (around 250km south) needs the assiatance of ferries to complete.  Then the section after is an unmarked route, i.e there is no route but a suggested set of huts that allow someone to walk around 10-15km and have somewhere for shelter.  The last bit of these nuggets of info is that the seasons for walking in the mountains is at an end.

I’ve looked at the surrounding mountains everyday and the snow they proudly disabled is gone for now.  Only those sections, earned through years of cold remain.  But speaking to those arriving from the south, the mountains are cold, I will have to deal with ice and the likelihood is that I will see the Sun, but only on rare occasions.

So the decisions are all caused by delay.  It’s like a bit of a self perpetuating cycle.  The early decision, led to delay, which have in turn, fed the need for decision and so on.

My plan is simple…

Have some plans, with the intention of abandoning them, twisting them and redesigning them as things happen.  There is no sign of the tent yet so gathering information and resources is all I can do.

Next time… I may decide differently, but for now, I sit content with the decisions, acknowledge the frustration as a readiness to continue and smile at the fact that I made the decision to start this journey, even though it feels stalled.  

Now, I’m going to attempt the impossible…

Shaving my head, with the cheapest of razors, with out the aid of a mirror!!

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