Day 34 – Who Needs A Schedule 

It appears that there are a myriad of people on different adventures here.  Some small, some large, but all just that bit beyond what someone has done before for an adventure.

One such person is Jacob, from Germany and on his way to Nordkapp.  Luckily for me, he followed he earlier section of my route.  Why so this lucky?

He has maps!!! 

It turns out that part of my route is not a set trail, it is unmarked and just an advised route.  One that depends on ferries that stopped running a few days ago.

On my original schedule, this wouldn’t even be an issue.   The schedule would have got me there on time, but things change so, in a few hundred km I have to follow the line that gives the best progress based on two simple things… 

Easy to follow balanced with shortest distance to the marked section of the E1.

I even managed to get a run in.  A short one, involving standing in the river, standing in the waves blowing in off the lake and enjoying some truly delightful single tracks in the autumn woodlands that cover this part of the world.

And then there’s the memory…

The memory of runnig 10km to try and find a bank card, binned somewhere near Bridgwater and only realising after having covered 15km to get to a cafe.  I did it again…

Ran, checked my pocket before heading for a post run drink and it was gone!  The term balls was uttered, but I knew all I had to do was retrace my route, which is did gladly, and there it was.  On some boards across a boggy area, waiting.

Only had to run 1km and it made the beer taste that little bit nicer.


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