Day 31 – Desire 

Not a long post…  Not long at all…

But for days I have sat and wandered, so with a warming drink, be it cafinated or containing alcohol, I hope you enjoy these few words.

For days I’ve look at her.  From a far.  Studying.  Learning every curve.  Appreciating the details of every flaw.

For days I’ve wandered what it would be to spend a few minutes with her.  Maybe an hour.  Stolen moments.  Moments that will be mine and hers.

Yet everytime there has been opportunity to approach.  Nothing between us but space.  Yet each time… Each passing moment… I’ve turned away before taking the first step.

She is not beyond my reach.  She has no favourites, no preconceived idea of who she would provide those special moments to.  She has no interest or even any knowledge of my existence, yet I still stand, still sit and pine for her.  Her curved and undulations.  The world see from her perspective, and the moments where words are not needed.

Maybe tomorrow…

Maybe tomorrow I will take that first difficult step.  Move forwards.  Closer to her.  Maybe tomorrow I will feel the freedom she can provide and with her look upon the world with fresh eyes.  Maybe tomorrow I will follow her delicate lines, from toe to crown, and discover a secret or two, embrace her presence and stature for brief moments.  Moments that will feel like an eternity of freedom and comfort.  Her embrace wrapping around my every being as I take in the world with greedy eyes.

Tomorrow I will sit with Nuolja.  Not unique in our union, but still moments to cherish, for I love her like a mountain. 

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