Day 30 – Surprise

The decision was made… Sort tent out before leaving.  Now I just sit and wait for an email.  

I will either be staying longer, or I will go with the broken tent for the next 2000km, which would mean being ruled by the conditions and huts.

Then a conversation with Pete…

Peter – There is a picture of your todger on Dropbox. I was just showing the father in law the pic’s.  Haha

Me – Is there? I’ve not had it out.  

Peter – Oh yes you have.

Me – Which picture?? 😂

Peter – Washing your socks in the sink.

Then I just laugh lots.  Enough to cry!   

Needless to say, I had no idea my nether regions had been digitised or that I’d placed it in the Dropbox folder.  I’d shared the Dropbox with a couple of people, so I quickly deleted it.  Then carried on laughing.

On a side note, Jan the German and Magnus the Swiss have both moved on.  Magnus continues to follow his route through the Swedish mountains and Jan has made the decision to follow a different route to the E1, because it makes the situation with food simpler.  

As an after thought or aside, I know this route can be done far faster, self supported, than I will do it in.  So many days or hours wasted.  First making sure Sophie was going to survive, then making the decision to stop on that slippy rock, then this decision to sort out the tent.  All seems like time wasted, but all is a result of decisions made and decisions are what defines us.  Or more to the point, our steadfastness in following through and sticking to decision made is what defines us. 


2 thoughts on “Day 30 – Surprise

  1. Dont focus so much on how fast you will accomplish this adventure. try to enjoy the moment instead and have fun 🙂 at the end of the day, nobody will remember how many days it took for you – only that you are a badass for going the whole route self supported! Keep going strong!

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