Day 29 – Question

I’ve managed to do nothing more than adapt my pack.  It is too small to accommodate everything I need, as minimal as it may appear, along with the food I need.  

A couple of hours of stitching and new straps are added, new loops added for some compression cord and the ability to free up space in the pack for food.  Not the best sewing, but adequate.  Yet, as I place each stitch I think of a few days ago.  Days filled with what I thought was excruciating pain.  Pain so intense that I was tempted, even though only slightly tempted, to stop.  To say no more.

Question is why didn’t I?

What is t that’s driven me passed that point and was that a defining moment in setting my mind and resolution in concrete.  I can only see the journey ahead.  No points along it.  No final destination and no solution to the potential problems that lie ahead.  An odd mindset to be in.  So sure of the journey but unsure of the path.  

For now, I’ll leave the thoughts to swirl around, sink into and  rise from the subconscious, and wait for the trigger.  The external input that catalysed a chain of thoughts that lead to an answer.

I also have to say thanks.  A word that never seems to hold the import that it should.  Over used, under valued and in now way adequate to describe the sense of gratitude and the humbling that it entails.   Thanks to all for the support you show, for a fool hardy idea, the gamble of a lifetime and the pursuit of a simple act…

The act of showing that we should lead by example as apposed to through flamboyant and well crafted words.  

So from the depths of my soul and with every word that flows from mind to fingers and onto the screen, I thank you.
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