Day 24 – Only So Many Times…

There’s only so many times I can say the following when describing the landscape…

Beautiful, increible, amazing, delightful, remote, hostile, breathtaking.

They all mean the same thing.  This place is beyond what I expected.  It fills my mind in such a way that there are no deep and meaningful insights into what I am doing.  Any attempt to thing things through gets over powered by one of my senses.  

I sit in the sun, having started in a mountain pass that was anything but sunny.  It rained and I wasn’t bothered.  It was cold and I wasn’t bothered.  I purposefully moved slowly as a rest day, having upped the distance to 35 then 43 the days before.  Today was a simple 32km, at a leisurely pace but I seem to have covered the most difficult part of the day an hour quicker than walking pace!

I arrived at a hut (Gaskahytta) found a bottle of cognac, half full, ate a lunch as I refuse to carry food on the day to Abisko, and then sat wasting time.  I leave and cover the distance an hour or so faster than I though I would!  

I talk to a lady from Switzerland about her  journey.  She asks about mine. 

I tell her where I started and when.

Her eyes nearly pop out of her head.  She asks about today’s trek and I tell her I came from Vuomahytta.  She asks when I left.  Again I tell her and am treated by the same startled, frog eyed fish look.

This happens again when she asks of my plans for the next day.

To me, I am going slow.  To others, I seem to be flying around these fells and other than a healing leg, all feels relaxed and well.  Yesterday and the day o reached Kautokeino are the only days I ended with the feeling of having pushed myself.

What is stranger is that my life as a teacher feels like a distant memory.  As though this has been my life for as long as I can remember.  What a life it would be if we had no need to be a cog in another’s machine?


2 thoughts on “Day 24 – Only So Many Times…

  1. Playing catch up here buddy…
    “What a life it would be if we had no need to be a cog in another’s machine?”
    Enjoy #livingthedream #makingyourdreams #simplyrunning #inspirational
    Your still teaching some of us you know! 😉

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