Day 20 – Return To The Mountains

I woke early.  I wished to remain in bed.  This was the briefest of moments as I quickly began to plan the day.  Coffee was made, the section of the route with distances written down, the first and most painful step of the day made and equipment laid out ready for sorting and packing.

I’ve managed to cover 20 days of wilderness with just 3 guaranteed food stops with just 10 ration packs, 3 of which I still have, yet I seem to have purchased enough food to last me more than the 7-8 days this section will take!  This is what happens when you listen to the concerns of others that are seeing just a snapshot of what you have done.

Today, I have eaten 3 meals and I can’t really say I feel any better for it.  Why 3 meals? 

So I can at least use the additional calories and nutrition to rebuild the damaged section of my leg.  Not sure it will make any difference but it does solve the problem of fitting it all into my pack.

Finding the start of the trail was a little tricky… Everytime I found it, it placed me back on the road so I decided to stick to the road and head to section that crosses the road and heads towards Norway.  The landscape still brings me joy to behold.  Even after 20 days of being amongst the mountains, lakes, marshes and forests on a daily basis, they still hold their lure.  

The trail was easy to follow and climbed out from Kilipisjarvi before reaching a peak and diving back into a valley.  Ahead where some of the most incredible mountains and ridges I have ever seen!

Around 3km from Goldahytta I went off route to see why two people where repeatedly having their picture taken around a block of yellow painted cement.

‘Hi hi!’

‘Hey’ I replied

I looked at the block.  Above it a plaque that simply said ‘Suomi 1926’

I looked at the two guys stood there…

‘Where are you from?’

‘England.  Erm… What is this thing?’

‘You don’t know what this is?’


‘It’s a tripoint’

‘What’s a tripoint?’

‘You really don’t know??  It’s a rare point on the planet where three countries intersect.  Here is Suomi, on the left Sweden and on the right Norway.’

I was suddenly amused by the fact that by walking round the block you went back one hour and then forward again by an hour. The jolly German, the chatty one sporting a bright yellow tshirt, proceded to take a photo of me on all sides of the monument.  It’s interesting how we give such things the amount of importance that we do.  The jolly Getmans explained to me that they are travelling around to go to a few of these places in Scandinavia, having got a boat here to avoid walking!

At that point I bid then fair well and off I went, which is where I am now.  My day today ends early at Goldahytta, just outside of Finalnd and in Norway.


5 thoughts on “Day 20 – Return To The Mountains

  1. Treriksröset is a bit like three shires head, if a bit more remote :). It’s quite cool the time travelling you can do at Treriksröset. Stay strong! Gott fortsatt äventyr.

  2. Well done brother on your progress so far. Buxton was quiet last night as I headed out of my wagon for a brief run. You were in my head as I followed in the footsteps of John Tarrant. Well done on the distance so far. Hope tomorrow brings you good luck and swift movement forwards. Till the next time, byeeeee

  3. Aleks just caught up with the story so far, great stuff, great reading, keep going man. Then I was reading some Lakeland 50 stuff and put 2 & 2 together and realised you were the bearded lady. Thank you for making me (and many others I guess) laugh. Stay strong.

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