Day 19 – All About The Tape & Washing Up Liquid

The Knights that go Ni have gone on their merry way home via Sweden and I am left with good memories and a traditional Finnish knife, put together by Tuuka, the generous.  

I’ve purchased my food for the next 8 days, busily storing electricity in every battery and device I carry and washing in the hope that the fire this eve will dry my clothes before tomorrow.  

Now I’m busy working out the problem of an inflamed tendon on my lower shin and learning all sorts of crazy ways to use tape and trying to get the tendon to move as freely as possible so I can start to make less painful progress.

I may start up a cheap Scandinavian running holiday business on my return.  This place can be reached easily, the traditional cabin I sit in will easily sleep 4 minimum and has everything you need, with the highest mountain in Finland only 55km away, with 4 huts along the route.  It is a wanderous part of the world that more should visit.  We can learn lots of people who are shaped by their landscape, as apposed to those that shape their landscape to suit them.

The next stage will be Abisko, 185km of mountain wilderness with the promise of new kit at the end.  

In terms of kit, my waterproofs are still working great, my tshirt is still in one piece (although to call it white is a little bit of a lie), my tent…

Well, my tent outer has two holes, the inner has more than two holes and generally it can be pitched so that you can get in, but you shouldn’t expect to be able to sit up in it unless you have an upper body that is less than 1.5′ in length.  My leggings are starting to wear through in the crotch area, which could prove embarrassing!

I can’t wait till my injury is healed and I can actually start to physically push myself.


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