Day 11 – Arse!!

It started an hour later than I wanted.


That’s not quite right…

It started an hour later than I planned.  The duvet and soft sofa had grabbed hold of that part of me that seeks comfort.

Snooze after snooze after snooze I slept.  Then, the need to have a pee kicked in and the inevitable rise from comfort had to happen.  I got up, packed, had a coffee, made a quick snack for later and bid Sophie farewell.  I know she’s excited and nervous in equal measures, but she is not quite the same as 10 days ago.  She’s started to develop her outside voice and I know she will have an adventure that changes her in a old way.

I ran today.  The trail was a sandy track that went on for miles.

I got a message from Peter.

‘Looks like you are making good progress. Is the trail good?’

I replied they were and at exactly that point, having missed the turning for the trail, turned back and found that the great trail was back to the bash whack your way through.

Then things got a little amusing…

A found a bridge that wasn’t on a river crossing and then… 5m away found the river it should have been on.

At around 60km my energy levels dropped.  The problem with reaching more built up areas is water, and I was dehydrated.  Legs felt sluggish and tired.

It was time for the secret weapon…

Adventure sausage!

I ate a fair sized chunk, told my self that I need to get to Kautokino before 6pm and stated to run again.  It was time to collect my replacement tent pole.

I ran into the first petrol station I came across.  The attendant inside looked confused, searched but found nothing.  I thank him for looking and went outside to have my drink.

I was at the wrong petrol station.  The one I needed was a km away, so I started up the hill.

I walked in, asked the attendant about the package or parcel for me and he looked, said he knew nothing about one and that he didn’t have a package at all.

I messaged Guido, who had been kind enough to organise the replacement.  Something that I know would have taken a good bit of time to do.

He was baffled too.  It should have been there and arrived yesterday.

I can’t wait around through.  I have to get as far south as I can as quickly as I can.  Anger and frustration at the white missing pole problem filed my head.  I needed to move.  I needed supplies for the next 4-5 days.

Food was purchased, water was drank, messages exchanged with Peter and more distance covered. 

I was even lucky enough to be shown the way (the route has been altered recently as the route on maps leads to some dangerously deep marshes that have swallowed the walkways) to the new trail markings by a local.  I still managed to get slightly lost.  Thank goodness for the compass Sophie gave me, since she won’t need it.

Now, I’m in the tent that needs replacing, lying on the floor, typing this all up.  The tent problem is not anyone’s fault and I’m slightly sorry that after the effort put in to get a replacement I’ve had to carry on without it.  Solution to this problem is simple…

A new tent is needed. 

As for the day, I think I’ve covered over 70km, so will now rest my legs and sleep. 

Tomorrow promises to be warmer, but I will wait to see what it brings with an open mind.  

2 thoughts on “Day 11 – Arse!!

  1. Inspiring stuff Aleks. Like the Adventure Sausage and the simple tent solution.

    One thing, if you’re going to use that compass (with or without a map), remember that you’ve got around 10 degrees east magnetic declination to figure in. Sorry if I’m teaching you to suck eggs but I’d hate to think of you getting “confused” in the middle of some mosquito-infested bog. In case you’re not familiar with declination here’s what to do, assuming grid and true north are pretty close, which they are where you are:

    1. START WITH THE GRID/TRUE BEARING i.e. going from map to compass
    2. WEST IS BEST = ADD: EAST IS LEAST = SUBTRACT. So, where you are in Norway, subtract 10 degrees from a bearing on the map to head to that point in space
    4. IF YOU START WITH MAGNETIC NORTH BEARINGS DO THE OPPOSITE. So a bearing of an object that’s 80 degrees in space is 90 degrees on the map

    In other words, if you want to head directly south in eastern Norway, just dial in 170 degrees on Sophie’s compass. By the time you get around half-way down Sweden(!), declination will be around 5 degrees east. Once in Denmark, it will be 3 degrees east and will stay the same all the way to Sicily.

    Cheers and best of British.

  2. Top performance bruvva. Loving this blog. Keep up the spirits mate. Despite the tent setback, you sound quite upbeat. Got All My Digits Crossed for you. Keep on keeping on.

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