Day 7 – Decisions Made By All – #RunE1Trail @getofftheropes @trailrunningmag @ultramag @ordnancesurveg

Sophie has been getting slower.  No reason given for this drop in pace till yesterday and no stopping her.  Blindly following me, catching up when I stop to eat berries or check the route.

Yesterday she hit one of those important moments.  She realised that what she was proposing to do was beyond her skills.  She is not one that spends lots of time in the remote outdoors and she is a tad under prepared for what is going to have to be undetaken.  But that’s the important factor…

She decided that she is changing her adventure.  No longer following part of mine, she is heading to the first road crossing we come to and then making her own way along the length of Scandanavia. 

A moment of clear thinking and an adventure that I am in ways envious of.

I realise that I am bound to this route.  A mistake maybe, but at the same time, the constraint that I think I need to make this a real challenge.

After a few hours of trekking, the trail became runnable!  I ran.  It felt great to be able to move freely and see the terrain pass me by.  Even better that my destination was a DNT hut, a space that I would happily spend days or even weeks inhabiting.  It has all the basics that you would need other than food.  Water can be collected from a nearby stream, food can be cooked on a wood burning stove and still the tranquility of the remote wilderness is present. 

My decision was the problem of Sophie.  It was clear that she would struggle and I had concerns about her well being.  Now, I will accompany her to Kautokeino and then follow my own trail alone.


3 thoughts on “Day 7 – Decisions Made By All – #RunE1Trail @getofftheropes @trailrunningmag @ultramag @ordnancesurveg

  1. Sounds like the first (or maybe 3rd, 4th or 5th!) of many sensible decisions to have to make. Well done & stay strong

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