The Journey – #RunE1Trail

The cabin is dark.

It shakes with the force of wheels rolling over an uneven layer of Tarmac.  An odd quiet fills the cabin.  All are hushed and still.

The tremblings of the plane are replaced with the roar of engines alone. 

The lack of lighting makes the cabin dark and many close their eyes to the world around them to drift into slumber.

I’ve not felt this joy for a while.  A joy so overwhelming that I have to smile and hold back tears!  I grin a grin that spreads to me eyes.

Suddenly we breach the clouds and the sun beams through the tiny window and life returns to the passengers.  The read, they listen, they drink and they talk.

 I stare across the aisle and three passagrs laps to see the wondrous landscape created by clouds.

If only it were possible to run along its furrows.


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