The #BeerUltra Is Born

2 weeks ago, I said the world needs a beer ultra.  Then I did what I never would have done in the past…

I got people involved so that it would happen.

Then it did on a trial basis…

The result was an awesome race, great atmosphere and the start of something that is going to hit the race calendar in 2017!

Here’s the video of the event made by the talented RunnExplorer

So… How does it work? 

Simple… 50km route made of 2 different 5km loops. A bottle of beer at the start of every loop and then a final beer to finish.  

Penalty laps occur if beer is spilt or contenders vomit.

The kit list was simple… A bottle opener to be carried on the runs (kit for different weather conditions to be kept at the beer checkpoint)

Huge thanks to, the marshals, the volunteers, Ultra magazine and obviously RunnExplorer 🙂

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