Things That Will Be Missed Part 2 – #RunE1Trail #GetOutside

When you think about it…

Really focus on the idea of ‘what can I I’ve without’…


I will miss some things.  Other things will leave me wandering why I ever bothered with them, but there’s a scarier side to these thoughts I only realised over the weekend.

Let me explain…

Speaking the Bruce Fordyce over the weekend, he spoke some words that I already knew but hadn’t realised the import of until then…

When you take on a challenge…  Something that really pushes you to the extreme ends of your comfort zone…  When it is all over, you will meet the most amazing person you have ever met.  When you look at that persons face you struggle recognise them, but something in the eyes gives the persons identity away.

The face you are looking at is your own.

I’m standing at the edge of a new and dark abyss.  It petrifies me and feels me with an odd sense of nostalgic melancholy, but I know what’s going to happen next…

I’ve been here before and that same sense of dread changed into source of strength that still leaves me in awe when I see it in myself or when I see it in the acts of others.

So it’s time to stop these posts.  The thought process was leading me to a place that although I feel strong enough to enter and exit safely, the sense that I was writing my final words left a bitter taste in my mouth.  Instead, I’m going to turn and face it and jump in.

58 days to go….




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