Mountain Air Clears The Mind – The Bob Graham Round Obsession Continues

I was yet again privilege to be part of something that was awe inspiring, humbling and truly inspirational to be part of.  Many things happened and a myriad of thoughts passed by, remembered on brief occasions but on the whole allowed to float away on the light breeze that brushed the star lit fell tops, but the important things are ever clear…

The destination is only important if the journey is used to inspire and teach others that adversity is the way in which we learn to be more than we were before taking our first steps.  Words are wasted if they are not followed by action and in all we do we should acknowledge were we have come from.

It doesn’t matter how big the steps that are taken are.  They could be infinitely small in comparison to the grand adventures of others, but adventures is how we learn the importance of the simplest of things…  The act of moving as we were intended to do and making each step part of our daily mantra.

A huge well done to Raj M. for allowing me to be part of his incredible support team, as he made his way around the Bob Graham route, touching 42 Lakeland peaks, climbing a total of 28000 feet and covering 62 miles of bog, scree and mountainous terrain.



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