#RunE1Trail Niggles! Funding Pains – #GetOutside #Crowdfunding @PledgeSports

So, attempt number 5 begins…  
Four incarnations of this post have faltered. Maybe there is something telling me that I need to just type and not think about it. I have worries about the E1 trip and as apposed to focusing on getting the distance covered each day, worrying about the lack of detailed mapping in European countries, finding sources of food for each day or having the equipment I need to help make the trip safe and to a point comfortable, they are focused on getting the funding needed to provide food on the trip!
So, in the last two weeks of training around the Lake District, I have in effect been hiding my head in the fells, avoiding the problem and generally focusing on the part of the planning and preparation that I have full control over… The fitness to pull this insane running route off and be the first person to run form the top to the bottom of Europe.

There will be equipment needed and once I start to run, I wont be able to stop and negotiate with prospectus sponsors. People offer support, but then the support seems to be lost in the ether or noncommittal promises. It seems that no one wants to believe in a person’s ability to pull off something extraordinary, unless they are of extraordinary stock. I guess I will have to tighten my belt and live more frugally than I currently do and save even more money for the trip.

 So, there are 85 days left to raise £3000. Most of which will be budgeted for food (£15 per day max), which is going to be the most important aspect of the budget since covering 30+ miles per day is going to need energy from somewhere.

Thanks for all those who have joined in with the adventure by supporting via tha PledgeSports page. I really do appreciate the support you have shown. I promise to make the E1 run a success, something to be proud of and that hopefully inspired others to take on challenges.

8 thoughts on “#RunE1Trail Niggles! Funding Pains – #GetOutside #Crowdfunding @PledgeSports

  1. As a teacher myself I completely get it and wish you all the best! Sorry I couldn’t make a massive donation, but went with the old adage, every little helps!

  2. I was in a similar place before my walk. I searched for sponsors, and had folk who promised the world back out at the very last moment. I even postponed my walk for a year… but eventually went anyway, although I only started with half the funds I needed. I lived frugally, and eventually when people saw what I was doing further funds trickled in. I was extremely fortunate: The Sunday Express agreed to print travel features about the journey and that really helped. Have you tried the newspaper angle? You write well, your photos are fantastic, and the story is compelling…

    But anyway… I didn’t have the funds, went anyway, and didn’t regret it…

    FWIW, some people are destined not to ever have ‘money’. I’m one of those people, and perhaps you are too! 20 years on, I’m making huge progress on the book about my walk, but while doing it I find myself more impoverished than I was while actually walking. There’s no guarantee of success, of finding a publisher, but that doesn’t matter. Give me experience over money, living dreams over common sense! 😉

    • I’m not even in search of a life with money. I can live frugally and actually get more pleasure from living this way. I am going anyways, but would be nice to not be wandering where the funds for food will come from though 🙂
      Never thought of travel features!! Will give it a blast

      • One of things that mildly irritated me while I was planning my journey was people making endless suggestions to me of “here, have you tried this…” but not themselves actually helping… and now I’m falling into that camp myself!!!

        But I assume you’ve approached the running media with your story?

      • Yeah, kind of. I need to write a piece with some pics and send them to all the outdoors magazines. They’re all very spare of the moment and what are the pros doing but will have a go 🙂

  3. Send me your email and I’ll make an introduction for you to the editor of The Great Outdoors. I’ve written for the magazine since 2000 and I bet the editor would be interested in your adventure. They pay for features…

    andrewterrill @ hotmail . com

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