The Dark Side Of Adventure Planning Part 1 – Budgeting

My idea of an adventure is to grab some things and then just go get on with it.  Deal with problems as they arise and generally find the best ways to make progress, even if that progress is minuscule on the grand scale of things.  I know its how I learn best and how I gain the most from the trip out.

Planning the running of E1 is a huge undertaking in terms of logistics, budgeting, working out the finer detail of the route, organising potential support along the way and at the same time getting the adventure in front of potential sponsors and media outlets (including the social media side of things).

I’m lucky, in that I have people who have taken an interest in making the trip a success and provide advice and pick at things that are being set up, said or done.  Admittedly, they tend to frustrate me because they force me to deal with things I’d rather leave well alone, but this is why they are good to have in the background, occasionally (or constantly depending on the issue) chipping away at ideas and jobs that need to be addressed.

One of these is the budget for this trip…

This is even more important or relevant, if you plan to crowd fund in anyway (or at least I think it is) but how the hell do you budget for something like this?!

Each trip is going to be unique and have it’s own criteria to be met, but I did find this page that had some useful nuggets.  Personally I’ve had to bite the bullet and set up a spreadsheet that shows me worse case scenario with the budget and then work backwards to reduce the costs down.  I’m already planning on travelling as minimally as possible, carrying nothing more than what I need and relying on what I come across as much as I can.

My current budgeting has me at a massive deficit, but this was the same during the summer run.  I started with a massive £2K deficit and managed to return with £500 left?!  It was the little things like the support of Tailwind UK and BackPackingLight that helped with this dint, as well as looking after my kit so I didn’t need to replace anything.

So, instead of me waffling about the budgeting and how I hate spreadsheets here’s the link to get anyone wanting to budget a big trip

Desk to Dirtbag

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