The Meaning Of Pursuing The Void & An Answer To “Why Do You Run?”

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Sometimes I drink too much coffee and when it’s combined with random questions, like “What do you want to get out of this?” words just seem to pop on screen before I realise what os being said.  This is one of those conversations and oddly it led to what the hell I mean by ‘Pursuing the void’…

Regardless of what I say or pretend I think, we all end up seeking that peaceful void that comes from doing what we were designed to do. I have no way of describing the feeling of moving freely over what ever the terrain throws at you, or the incredible depth of the head space you end up in when you can get in the flow. It’s just incredible. I never intentionally decided to do this sort of nonsense, but decisions have led me, one step at a time, to this place that I find myself in. The simplest goal is to inspire, to engage with others and use their engagement to drive the perpetual challenge machine. I don’t get a buzz from the media coverage, but I get a huge boost from the random person who emails me and thanks me for getting them out and adventuring. Actually, buzz is the wrong word. I actually don’t feel I deserve such an accolade, but it just adds to my resolve to have less, do more and be more.

I’m still not sure what ‘be more’ is… I thought teaching was being more but turns out its turning the cogs of someone else’s miss guided machinations. That’s were the name of my blog comes from… Pursuing the void isn’t some claptrap fancy speak. It relates directly to the question of what is this ‘being more’ By seeking out this void (AKA a lack of understanding) I’m trying to fill it but each time I do, the void changes. A question is answered and leads to a new question.

In answer to the original question of “what do you want to get out of this?” I’ll be honest.  I plan on giving any money left from the Crowdfunding (including sponsors) to the three charities and I am only using what I need, travelling as light and living as minimally as I can.  Would I refuse offer of work related to the run?  The answer to that is no I won’t, but the main goal is to raise £50,000 during the run for the three charities and to show that ordinary people can do extraordinary things once they remove the safety net and begin to question what is possible a bit more often.

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