Preempting the Disappointment Demons – Vote #RunE1Trail – Click the link to vote for #RunE1Trail

I saw the final proof of my article for Ultra Magazine yesterday and it looks awesome.  It’s such a buzz to see your words in print along side pictures of the summer adventure.  Meeting Elise and Sarah yesterday gave me lots of food for thought and placed me in an odd mind set.

Today, I’m sat in a café, staring out of the window at the falling rain and I feel a slightly melancholic. This kind of happens from time to time, when the reality of a situation dawns on me.

Since finding out about my place in the final 15 of Discovery Channel’s #MYWBPledge competition, I could taste the E1 Euro trail adventure, but really I should be realistic. No matter how badly I want to get this adventure started, I don’t want to have to deal with the disappointment of not winning and feeling the whole thing fall just that further away from my reach.

So, it’s time to adopt a more realistic viewpoint. I need to promote the adventure and encourage votes but I need to do it whilst holding on to the idea that I am unlikely to be one of the 3. Focus on the adventures that I can make happen this year, and if I get enough votes…

All plans for this year (for what plans are worth when you live one day at a time) will be set aside and it’ll be time to really up the training, get the equipment sorted and get the fundraising for Stroke Association and Mountain Rescue started.

And there it is. The melancholy is lifted, or at least set aside for now. It’s amazing how much impact putting thoughts and feelings into words has. It’s a subtle way to face my demons and even now, after so many months of living a ‘normal’ life, the demons always have my face.

Must remember to live my life by the belief “No Demons, No Gods, No Masters”


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