Vote For #GetOutside Adventures on @DiscoveryChannelUK – #MYWBPledge

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All my adventure plans have been leading to one big adventure…

Solo running the E1 Euro trail over a period of 5-7 months.

It’s a huge adventure and no one has actually completed the whole thing yet.  It’s not actually fully marked down to the proposed end in Sicily, but that’s what adventures are for.

It’s going to push me beyond what I know I’m capable of just in the training phase and then go up a notch when I actually start.

The only barrier has been funding the trip.  I’ve made some serious sacrifices so far, getting rid of most of what I own and moving in to my car so that I can save money and make the adventure happen.

Then I tweeted with the hashtag #MYWBPledge and someone must have thought ‘this guy is worth a punt’, since I’m now on the Discover Channel UK site!!

It’s a crazy thing, but when we take chances and engage with things doors start to open.

So now I ask you for your votes and make a promise that if I am successful and win one of the 3 prizes, I’ll get this challenge done this year and use it to raise money for two great causes, both of which are deceiving of our support and are likely to help someone you know at some point in the UK.


Thanks for reading and here’s to adventure 😀


7 thoughts on “Vote For #GetOutside Adventures on @DiscoveryChannelUK – #MYWBPledge

  1. Good luck… I look forward to following your journey. You’re going to have quite an adventure, and discover that Europe is a lot bigger and wilder than most people realize!

    I’ll be able to empathize with much of it. In 1997 / 1998 I walked north from the tip of Calabria to the North Cape, following a path of my own making 7,000 miles long.

    My route was very different from the E1 (which didn’t even exist back then anyway), but if you need any tips then please do drop me a line.

    Andrew Terrill at hotmail

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