Make Your World Bigger in 2016 #mywbpledge

Great post about the Discovery Channels #MYWBPledge campaign that is reaching an end. Go get your pledge tweeted before the end of the week and you may win £5000 to make that pledge come true.

I was already on the road to running the E1 solo, and so everything I’m doing this way is linked with it. Last year was distance, this year the focus is technical terrain and ascent, and linking each of my challenges together so one feeds into the next.

So, what will your pledge be?

That Paul Coxon's Blog

‘And I asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, how much was mine to keep.’ – Kurt Vonnegut Jr

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (You don’t? Seriously? Why not? Find me here: @ThatPaulCoxon) will know I have been talking about Discovery Channel’s Make Your World Bigger pledges (#mywbpledge) for 2016 quite a bit over the last month.

This is the second year for the Discovery campaign, having already inspired lots of people in 2015 to get outside and out of their comfort zones to do something incredible, something they would not normally do and something that they have always wanted to do. In short, people made their world’s bigger and, in 2016, the pledges are back, better than ever…

Here’s what Discovery Channel has to say about the campaign:

At Discovery we think there’s always more to know, explore…

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