What are your 2016 challenges? – #GetOutside #Adventure Thoughts & Plans @OrdnanceSurvey


IMG_0543On Christmas eve my grandmother said “You’ve achieved so much and you seem to just want more.  Why?”

It was a good question!  I actually thought I knew why but I couldn’t get the words out in a coherent and understandable way.  I’ve spent lots of time after completing the summer adventure thinking about the next challenge, and at the moment, with my current situation (in that I need a job and have a job that isn’t particularly flexible with time off) any of the challenges I’ve pencilled are either too expensive or will take too long to complete.  On top of this, I’d like to see more of the places I love this year, so the adventure ideas like the Iceland Mid-Atlantic Ridge run have been placed on the virtual adventure shelf for now, ready to be picked up once I manage to make changes to the way I live.  But I still had this problem of not really knowing what to do to make 2016 better than 2015?  Others have said it but…   “How do yo stop that?”

Then, completely by chance whilst waiting for a friend in Keswick, I stumbled on a set of the Wainwright books and remembered an old idea of doing all the Wainwright walks back to back (a challenge that was completed by Steve Birkinshaw in just 7 days!!). I remember following his progress and being a bit astonished that someone could run 320 miles, with 118,000ft of ascent in such a short time, and wandering what it would take to get fit enough to do it myself.  That’s around the same amount of up and down as my entire run in the summer!

It’s clear to me that this year’s challenges aren’t going to focus on long distances (I know this is going to be a question of viewpoint since 320 miles isn’t exactly a short distance), and I’d like to have more time on hills o my weakness becomes a strength.  I’m curious what this body of mine is capable of, so I’m going to use the winter and spring months to find out.  Which leads nicely onto the There 3 mini-adventures I’m planning on completing (with one or two secret little challenges thrown in that I’ll announce later in the year) in 2016.

Here they are:

  • Winter Bob Graham Round in support of #Cumbriafloodappeal – Jan 29/30th –  justgiving.com/aleks-kashefi
  • Barefoot Bob Graham Round – June – Lets find out if it’s possible?
  • The Wainwright’s Barefoot and Unsupported – July/August – A leisurely paced run/walk with a tent that I hope lots of people will join me on different sections


Other adventure ideas are on the virtual adventure shelf, for a time when I can afford to just get up and go adventure, and that is were my other focus lies.  It’ time to lay the foundations for change, have less, do more and be more creative.

So, what challenges have you set yourself for 2016 and who did you decide on what they should be?


2 thoughts on “What are your 2016 challenges? – #GetOutside #Adventure Thoughts & Plans @OrdnanceSurvey

  1. Hi mate. We’ve met (exchanged some brief words) on a couple of fell races this winter. Stumbled across your blog and I’m really enjoying it. I’m pretty new to running but am really taking to it and although I don’t want to claim I’d like to have a go at the BG round I’ll admit I’m curious.
    What I’m asking is what sort of support do you have lined up? Do you have pacers for the different sections or feeders for the road crossings? I’d like to offer some help!


    • Thanks 🙂
      I’ve got some pacers who are carrying stuff and also a coupe who are navigating. BG is just incredible to witness or be even part of a small section of it. send me an email (alxmonkey@icloud.com) and I’ll add you to the group. I’ll be sending a schedule out etc this weekend so people can confirm where they can help and they know times and can street logistics of getting from A to B and back again.

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