A New Year Draws Ever Closer.  How Do You Plan To Make 2016 Awesome? #GetOutside

It’s been quite an eye opening year.  Ideas that have been bouncing around have been given credence and there’s a new curiosity that’s now driving me forwards.  

There’s so many ideas floating about that it’s hard to find focus but that’s why I tend to be out and about so much.  It’s a great way to refocus on what’s actually important to you, so I think I’ve managed to get my ideas sorted, just need to get a bit of research done before New Year’s eve and workout a few kinks.  

There’s no questions about my reasons, I simply what to be a better person and closer to what I’m capable of as a human machine.  I also want to explore the idea of having less and doing more.  Let’s see what the limits of a normal human is 🙂

So, how do you plan on making 2016 more amazing than 2015?


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