Why Do You Run? The Relevance Of The Question Whether you #GetOutside or #StayInside

I’ve revisited this repeatedly and realised something…

I’ve either been asking the wrong question or the question isn’t relevant anymore.  When I do run, I get to a point where there’s an urge to just keep running and moving over the terrain as efficiently as I can, letting that effortless sensation wash over me.  The point is, I’m interested in moving efficiently as apposed to quickly.  Even in races I enter, I’m not concerned with how fast I finish, but more concerned with how comfortable I am when I finish.

I’m obsessed with training myself in being able to move over different terrain, passing obstacles with the minimal effort and without the loss of momentum.  Styles, gates, fences, boulders and even fallen trees become part of a giant playground that I can crawl, jump, vault and bounce along.  It’s as though those moments as a child when you challenge yourself to not step on a crack in the pavement, or to cross a stream using the scattered rocks that stick out have returned.  Let the body do what it was designed to do because it feels good.  Training has shifted in favour of working on my mechanics and metabolism, then applying it in a challenge, race or even a new sport.

But the question ends up creeping in again…


Why do you run?

The truth of it is that I run so that I can expand my playground, and I can enjoy more of my chosen playground of fells, mountains and trails without less limitations that are caused by a lack of fitness and inability to move.


What’s your reason for running?


7 thoughts on “Why Do You Run? The Relevance Of The Question Whether you #GetOutside or #StayInside

  1. There’s the sociable side, there’s the bring on my own bit, there’s the feeling my body moving comfortably at speed.
    And there’s nothing else to do in the evening.

  2. Simple: How it makes me feel inside. For a sense of propulsion. Movement. A connection to other men. The past. Like sitting in front of a roaring open fire. Or dancing. Or having sex. Running feels like is is part of the genetic make up of being a man.

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