Adventure Dream List & A Need To Make It Happen

The adventure ideas are coming in thick and fast!  I have an idea, I research, I learn more, I end up with a new adventure.

I guess this is how it works.

The current dream list is:

  • The GR 20 and the GR 10 routes
  • The Cullin Ridge Traverse on Skye
  • Iceland End To End
  • Wainright’s Coast To Coast
  • South West Coast path record
  • The E1 trail unsupported
  • The E trails in general!
  • The 3 big UK rounds
  • LeJog Triathalon (back to back to back – no rest)

Problem is the list keeps growing and the last one on the list is just pure curiosity about whether it’s possible to swim, cycle and the run the length of Britain in succession!!  I even have a fear of swimming in open water 😳

The main part of this adventure is how ma I going to make them happen?  Do I do them all or do I whittle them down?

Best start working on the answers 😉

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