Have Less, Do More. A Principle In Training & Progress


I’ll apologise in advance about the obvious avoidance of what the next step in my adventure is.  The freedom to say what’s coming next is out of my hands to some extent, but maybe one day, I can publish the journal I will keep of the experience and encourage others to question what they do on a daily basis and whether there is a better way.

I stumbled across a quote whilst researching a book by a Japanese samurai.  The quote was simple…

“Have less, do more, be more”

I’ve not managed to find out who the quote is attributed to, but randomly, having coined the phrase “I endeavour to cultivate my stupidity”, I stumble on yet another quote…

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid” Benjamin Franklin


I have a tendency towards existentialist ramblings, which is probably down to the fact that I am alone training and in doing so have time to clear my mind and actually start to unravel what it is that makes a person move incessantly forward.  It’s these musing that have lead to me adopting these 3 quotes as part of my mantras.

Why cultivate stupidity?

Well, most of the things I do as part of training, ideas I dream up for adventures and things I attempt have been called stupid, or atlas dangerously close to being stupid.  They throw away comfort and the commonly taken and easy route, in favour of the ridiculous so that I feel I’m pushing myself in terms of my perception of comfort.  This is the bit that makes someone cope when things get tough.  It is their ability to find comfort in situations that are down right uncomfortable.  I’m not sure whether Benjamin Franklin was referring to the fact that it is hard work to ignore what is proved through science or whether he was referring to the pursuit of ideas that are ‘stupid’ to most.  I lack to think the later and this is where the next part of the adventure comes in.

It’s time to really find out if the phrase ‘have less, do more’ can be adhered to in a society that favours comfort over hardship.  Who knows, I may even end up surviving a few days before abandoning the whole experiment and returning to ‘normal’ living, but in the meantime, the new year approaches and is the signal to start something new, become stronger both mentally and physically and to begin to take on more difficult challenges.

Here’s to a life outside the comfort zone and the growth of an unstoppable mindse


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