Too Much To Do, Not Enough Time And I’m To Blame

This is probably the biggest lesson I’ve ever learnt.  I have a busy job that is just sat waiting to place extra demands on my personal time, and if I don’t keep one step ahead of it it’s likely to win the battle. 

Today, I’m likely to have to skip a day of training to get books marked, data recorded and lessons planned for tomorrow.  It is annoying but really, I should be annoyed at myself.  Part of the problem is I’ve been lazy and not done what I could when I had the spare time.  Now it’s time to start to get myself better organised and put a short, sharp stop to the laziness that is creeping in.

If we don’t take responsibility for our time and how we manage it, the feeling that you aren’t in control creeps in and takes over.  You never feel like you have time to do anything you want to do, and start taking steps on that downward spiral staircase.  I really don’t want to go any further down, so tonight I’m getting my backside in gear, missing a training run and catching up on some marking 😔

That missed training run?

It’s getting done tomorrow before work!!

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