Planning The Next Adventure

There are protocols and rules to follow when planning any adventure, but I have no idea what thy are so I’m kinda making it up as I go along.

The steps seem to be:

  • Write down (decide) what the adventure is going to be.
  • Research the place – visits, other people’s adventures and books are great for this
  • Workout how to get to the location and the start of the adventure
  • Workout how to get back
  • Plan the route
  • Gather and test the equipment
  • Sort out food and water
  • Go adventure

So here’s step one..

I’m planning on running (in my usually shonkily shod fashion) either Coast to Coast in Iceland, the circumference of Iceland or a similar thing to the UK’s LeJog (furthest south easterly point to the furthest north westerly point in the case of Iceland).

Now I need to get my self a guide book on the trails and a while load of maps.  Let the fun begin πŸ™‚


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