Live Life One Adventure At A Time

Both my polish grandparents survived the hardships and atrocities of WWII.

Dziadek (my grandfather) often spoke of his adventures during the war as a soldier and my grandmother has spoken briefly of some of the atrocities she and her family faced having been transported to Siberia in cattle wagons and losing her entire family.

In the previous post I said I will continue to try to live up to Dziadek’s example but in truth I will be living up to both him and Babcia’s example, one adventure at a time.  The Facebook page, Barefootlejog, may slowly become silent, but the adventures and seeking the limit of my endurance and moments in the void will continue.  I’ve come to realise that it is truly these moments of hardship that make us who we are and keep us focused on the things that are important.

The charity or cause may not be the same, but the driving force will always be inspired by two people who have had a part in making this barefoot idiot who he is today.

So, here’s to the next adventure…


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