Day 39 – Epilogue

This will be a post of various things…

Firstly, what I have achieved is not extraordinary.  I saved no lives, cured no diseases, stopped no wars, prevented no famines, poverty or droughts.

I merely placed one foot in front of the other regardless of the situations that arose.  So I raise my glass and salute those who work namelessly to help others andale the world we live in a better place.

Secondly, I now understand several important factors that I have been intrigued by, and romantically imagined I understand.  Retain your beginners mind as with it all things are possible.

Third and lastly, here is the first pages of a book that may never get published…

“Within these pages you will find no hidden secrets, no magical formulae and no recipes for adventure.  Instead you will see one person’s journey.  There are no limits other than the ones we set ourselves and it is these limits that hold us back.  We pander to the softer side of our nature, seeking the easiest route through life’s.  At some point we must realise that this is not the way to be true to our nature.  It is as important to embrace and invite discomfort as it is to invite challenge.   Without these, how are we to grow?”


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