Day 37 – Surprise Obstacle

The rain has been falling for the last 2 hours with no sign of it easing off. I feel somewhat grotty having spent a nice portion of the early post midnight hours being sick.  I’ve eaten two apples, drank some water and now wait to see what happens.  80 miles before I reach that distant finger post and I can stop trudging along the roads.  

Who knows what will happen today?

One thought on “Day 37 – Surprise Obstacle

  1. Traditional Scottish Songs
    – Keep Right on to the End of the Road

    Sir Harry Lauder wrote this song after his son was killed in action in World War I.

    Hi Aleks… here are the words to a traditional Scottish song that seem relevant…
    Best wishes from Adam’s mum.

    Keep Right on to the End of the Road

    Ev’ry road thro’ life is a long, long road,
    Fill’d with joys and sorrows too,
    As you journey on how your heart will yearn
    For the things most dear to you.
    With wealth and love ’tis so,
    But onward we must go.


    Keep right on to the end of the road,
    Keep right on to the end,
    Tho’ the way be long, let your heart be strong,
    Keep right on round the bend.
    Tho’ you’re tired and weary still journey on,
    Till you come to your happy abode,
    Where all the love you’ve been dreaming of
    Will be there at the end of the road.

    With a big stout heart to a long steep hill,
    We may get there with a smile,
    With a good kind thought and an end in view,
    We may cut short many a mile.
    So let courage ev’ry day
    Be your guiding star alway.


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