Day 36 – Finding Something To Say

During the day, most of the time my mind is in the present, whether singing, admiring a view or any of the numerous things that happen in the course of a day.  At first I found my brain wandering and often contemplative.  This doesn’t seem to happen in the same way anymore.  There are thoughts and contemplations but they don’t linger.  As soon as they manifest themselves, they move on.

Today is going to be much of the same.  I’ll move, the miles will pass and I will end the evening with a meal.  Perhaps I should walk with my journal, another thing that has been neglected, handy for those moments when I do have an interesting thought.

I think the point I’m trying to make is there isn’t much to this whole adventure way of living.  You wake, plan your day, pack away your equipment and begin to move on.  Anyone with the inclination can do it.  All that is important is that you realise that once you start, stopping is not an option.  The hard times, the problems and the challenges are the things that accelerate our learning and avoiding them is the first step in narrowing your mind.  


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