Day 35 – Bug Defeated

Somewhere around Horton (Yorkshire), I picked up a stomach bug which meant eating was a near pointless act.  What went in seemed to exit undigested and in record time.  I did eat in the hope that it would provide some of the nutrition a body needs, but that general feeling of being refuelled just wasn’t there and I had next to no appetite.

Yesterday however, the appetite returned.  I knew what I wanted to eat, I knew how much to eat again and I felt better for it.  Today is refuel day.  I’m cutting the mileage severely down just for today, sitting and eating to replenish some of those depleted reserves and then heading for the finish.

Does that mean a new schedule and finish date?

Yes and no.  I’ll be covering around 37-38 miles a day instead of the 33 a day.  I’ll still follow the same general route and I’m finishing on the same day at the same time.

What time?  You’ll just have to keep on your toes so you don’t miss it 😉

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