Day 25 – Battling

Today started well, but after around 20 miles the ache set in.  Hip flexors and obliques screamed at me to stop.  Regardless, I reached Middleton and was found by Laura David.  Apart from food, I seemed to feel better, but this was just the combination of meeting someone and having a quick break.  Seeing the weather taking a turn for the worse I decided to take a more populated road route.  The road kept climbing and he weather just got worse the higher I got but at least there were building to use as shelter if I needed them.

After a distance I have no idea of, I reached a phone box, got in, removed my pack and curled up in a ball.  I was happy to stay there, out of the wind and rain and even better not actually moving.  Still, I got up, set an alarm for 8:30 since at this point I knew I wasn’t going to reach anywhere in particular that evening and walked on.  The aching had stopped and become a full tiredness instead.  I looked at all possible camp spots along the way and even shot a few videos to pass the time and hold back the sense of losing ones mind.

Then.  Out of the clag, emerged a shack!  A hunters cabin!!  Even better the door had no lock on the door.  That is where I spent the night. Around 9 miles from Alston and high in the middle of nowhere.

Right now, it’s day 26 and I’m plodding towards Alston.  Feet ache already along with my upper legs.  Progress is going to be slow but it’s still progress being made.  


4 thoughts on “Day 25 – Battling

  1. Ooh! I wondered where you were last night. The weather was nasty on the coast and your tracker showed you in the middle of nowhere.- after dark.

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