Day 19 – Anger

When things don’t go quite to plan or it seems that mystical forces are conspiring against us, we seem to turn to anger as a natural response.

Today was tough going and for a minute or two, anger was my response.  Ridiculous really.  How can you be angry at the landscape you chose to be on?

The answer’s simple.  You’re angry at yourself and that feeling of being out of control in some way.  There is no point in shouting at the land, beating yourself up or finding someone to blame.  That’s the time to stop and find a solution that allows you to move forwards.

So, that’s what happened today.

The views where mostly hidden behind grey clouds, I struggled to navigate across a flat landscape obscured by mist, I nearly shouted at the boggy plantuea known as Harden Moor but at least another day is done and tomorrow brings promise of sun and time to dry out.   




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