Day 18 – A Person’s Value

Three days ago, an elderly gentlemen on my introducing myself, struggled to rise to his feet to shake my hand.

“You don’t need to stand.” Was my response.  

“I do for a man like you” was his reply.

His eyes bore deep into mine as he spoke these words, and I felt deeply unworthy of such respect.  For three days and more I have and will continue to prove my worth to him.  I know I must return and shake his hand again so he can see that the level of respect and honour he showed me wasn’t misplaced.

What I do is not special.  Others do more, battle through hardships they have not brought upon themselves.  What I do is out of selfish curiosity, and until I complete my journey, maybe I should be treated as such.  It makes me no better than any other and I’m yet to find any reason for such respect as I received from one old gentleman and others I meet.



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