Day 8 & 9 – Demons

This is a bit of something I wrote in my paper journal.  It was a rambling from earlier today…

The days are full of demons.  They move in close, threatening to suffocate.  You move away from them, pushing them aside but your attempts are like trying to hold on to smoke.  They follow and counter each move you make until their presence is overwhelming.

You cajole, counter and try to conquer.  All to no avail.  You remember a well know piece of advice…

“Confront your demons”

You turn and face them, eye to eye, ready for their onslaught.

That is when you realise there are no demons.  The spectar facing you is yourself, as though a perfect mirror has been placed between you and the demons.  You strike out, trying to smash the mirror and realise that there is no mirror to hit.

In that instance it all becomes clear.  

No demons, no gods and no masters.


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