Day 3 – Small Part Of Heaven! Thanks to @theyurtcafe for showing it to me

it seems that hidden away, in the middle of nowhere, are small pieces of heaven.

Cornish Tipi Holidays and The Yurt Cafe are a couple of these pieces.  I’ve been to campsites and said “it was lovely” but this place is a true hidden gem.  At first site it’s just a field with The Yurt Cafe on it.  Then, as you explore deeper, you find tiny pockets with tipis and wigwams, all enclosed amongst green trees.

Then you see the sign…  “Lake”

Lake is the biggest understatement I have seen so far.  It is a lagoon like wander.  The sort of place you pay lots of money to go abroad and see.

Oddly, as of this wouldn’t be enough, there’s the delights of The Yurt Cafe.  Friendly, relaxing, good food and drink.  It’s the generosity and kindness of the two owners is just the cherry on top that makes this place special.  A place I’ll have to return to and enjoy.


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