Day 1 – Two Decisions That Should Have Been Made Early

The whole point of large challenges is learning.   This morning, seeing the wet and windy weather I should have made a decision.

The decision should have been to delay by a day, as tomorrow promises far nicer weather, and would have givent the trails time to dry a little.  

The second decision was to do as I said I would do from te start….. If the weather is wet, wear my sandals!  I didn’t for the first unknown number of miles, and since I started with wet feet, the impact is obvious.   Luckily two things where done as part of the planning.

First I decided on a schedule that was managable and gave me additional days should I need to use them.  The second is carrying a pair of my sandals.  I guess there will be lots of criticism for my decision to get the sandals on in the wet, but there is that time limit I’m having to stick to.  

Now I have to make a decision on the route I take to Gwithian and whether I’ll cut the day short. I need to make sure I can get tent dried off before bedding down and that I have enough time to rest and make sure I can start to recoup the 2/3 hours I lost today due to the weather.   
Currently, I’m sat in Zeanor having a tea (laced with Tailwind) in the company of a pleasant gentleman named Jeremy. He joined me part way to Zeanor and has been kind enough to show me the way and buy me a tea.
Enjoy your Sunday’s.

Oh, and the pebble is now that little bit closer to John O’Groats. 


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