Introducing The Equipment – Part 3 – The Sandal Dilemma!

To those who know me and know about my running also know that I have had lots of different shoes!  In fact they have the impression that I have a giant shoe room, filled with different styles, makes and colours of shoes.  This isn’t actually true.  The only true part is that I spent the last 2 years trying lots of different shoes and finding out just one essential fact…

After around 200 miles max, I destroy shoes, regardless of the make, design or reputed longevity.  Then I decided it was time to give Luna sandals a go.  So far, I can’t fault them. They are comfortable once they mould to your feet and the straps bed in, and more importantly, they seem to last!!

Now, the plan is to do the entire route without any footwear, the sensible side says take some in case and then the pack weight side kicks in and says if you’re not going to wear them, they are just extra weight!

The choice of which has been narrowed down to either the Luna Mono sandals or the Luna Venado sandals.

The Mono are a thicker sandals, have a slight tread that makes them good on trails and road (particularly when wet) and they have a slight recess where the straps pass under the shoe, which in theory means longer lasting straps.  They are a slightly more giving rubber, so they mould around the foot quickly and they are really comfortable.

Th Venado are thinner and have no tread pattern at all.  Due to the fact they are thin they mould to the foot really well, but they have an weakness which is wet grass or slimy mud.  Their strength, apart from the comfort side and the fact that they are thinner meaning more ground feel, is that they are nearly half the weight of the Mono.

So the Dilemma is simple…  Weight or Durability

Right now the Mono are the ones I’m going to carry, but I get the feeling that could change  my mind at any point during the next 12 days!!!

There is lots of reviews on these sandals as well as lots of people who are adventuring around the worlds in their Lunas (and by adventuring I mean mountaineering, running or hiking some incredible trails), but if you want to know a bit more about them just pop over to


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