Before I Forget… Thanks

The thanks goes to all those who have donated so far, supported the page by liking, sharing or getting involved in anyway with the whole adventure.  To those that have given advice, said hello at races and been generally positive.

Special thanks go to the following people:

Mike at Tailwind Nutition UK for his early support and words of wisdom.

Peter Ambrose for being the Peter Ambrose and stepping in to fill shoes that needed filling.

Buxton AC for keeping me running and for the supportive members.

Bob at Backpackinglight UK for the advice and the equipment that was kindly donated.

Bev who convinced the Fellsman committee to consider letting someone apply their own footwear rules.

The Fellsman Commitee for allowing me to run with my own choice of footwear or not in the first 40ish miles.

Goyt Valley Stridera for being so blooming nice and giving me somewhere new to run.

Claire at Trail Running magazine for the magazine space and early support.

Vicky at Stroke Association for her support.

AC Workwear for the promo t-shirts and the tops I will wear during the run.

Nick Allen at Buxton Physio for his advice, free treatment and muscle management tips.

Sarah Guise (Weleda Advisor) for her introduction to Weleda arnica balm and would Nappy Cream.

The people who purchased BareFootLeJog t-shirts and wore them to spread the word.

Peter Bailey for being Peter Bailey the t-shirt master mind and customer 0.

Bevon Blackwood for his last minute hardcore gym programme.

Adam and Rooth for the lift down and for being Adam and Rooth.

Thanks to the people who have offered addresses as drop points.

I hope I’ve not missed anyone out, but it’s been such an intense few months since I made the idea public that I’m likely to have forgotten something or someone.  

It’s almost time for me to do my part and I know the journey to this point would have been far more difficult if it wasn’t for you guys.


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