Introducing The Equipment – Part 1 – The Main Bits

The selection of the kit for this adventure has been interesting, and what I’ve ended up with may be useful for others who are thinking of taking part in similar challenges, so here’s most of my kit.  There’s this odd contention between lightweight, functional and useful when selecting kit, but luckily advice has appeared when I needed it and I’ve had the time to trial the various pieces of kit and learn first hand what works, what doesn’t and what you can live without.  The last point, what you can live  without, is probably the part that will cause alarm bells to ring in other people’s heads regardless of how I justify the decision, but I guess that will happen regardless.  There are some items that may have the time to be changed, so I’m not including them on the list below.  The whole idea is to take only what I need, not the equipment that will cover all the various what ifs that may arise, and to deal with them the bets I can until reaching one of the many little towns and villages along the route.

So here’s the confirmed parts of my kit:

If you have any advice on the kit list or useful little tips then I’m all ears 🙂

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