Practicing Plan B, Ending on Plan C @runnersworlduk @trailrunningmag

Plan C is the slowest plan at 28 miles a day.

The intentions were to get Plan B done but after running for Buxton to Hathersage in the most round about route I could think of, I arrive with only 28 miles done.

This is what it kind of looked like to start..







 And then some one turns summer off!


The cakes just before Chatsworth were all gone!!


And an impressively amazing pub was shut!!!


But that didn’t stop a trial of some Luna Mono (monkey) sandals and I was inspired to do an on the spot review!! 

Generally, despite the rain and the pummelling I gave my body the day before, it was a grand day out. 28 miles, lots of prating  around and enjoying my surroundings, all in about 8 hours (including all the stops).

Today, legs feel like they did yesterday morning, but the views fro yesterday and a cheeky little breakfast in Hathersage should see me get home before dark.  Bring on the35 miles of hills 👊🏻 



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