Day 2 & Many A Lesson Learnt

Where I pitch my tent is going to make the difference between sleep and no sleep.  Last night was a no sleep pitch, but still managed to move my legs.  Oddly, my legs where no stiffer than when I got up Wednesday morning.  Today was all about the walking on all the wrong surfaces.  Gravely roads, sharp rocky beidleways, more and more roads.  Although, some nicer terrain was used too ☺️         Then I got slightly lost because I wanted a slight explore.  Still managed to find my way back to Buxton, feet intact and no issues apart from a slight warm sensation from the ridiculous amount of harsh terrain.  Still, there’s enough time for them to recover before the start date.  Now the lessons:

  • Sleep or die is pretty much the key rule
  • Refuelling and rehydration whilst.
  • walking is as important as when running
  • Don’t forget other nutrition.  tailwind is going to be great but I’ll need enough protein and other nutrients so I recover well each night.
  • Route decisions are going to be key – Wrong route = Too slow.
  • Don’t be too proud to walk!  My walking pace is about 3.5 miles an hour over the Derbyshire peaks so if need be I will have to wak.
  • Take extra care when running or even walking with wet feet.
  • The weight of my gear is going to be the make or break factor!

Now to let my legs recover from the crossfit onslaught of two days ago and formulate some sort of mileage or time schedule for the summer.


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