Tailwind Discount That Helps Raise Money for @TheStrokeAssoc

postMike J. at Tailwind NutritionUK is a stroke survivor, but more than that he is someone who has several Iron Man competitions and MdS under his belt, but even more than that, he has generosity.

What am I going on about?  Well, this –> 10% Tailwind Discount

He contacted me and said the following…

Customers that use the link I’ve sent you, will get an automatic 10% discount and Tailwind will also donate 5% of the order value to Stroke Association via my just giving page!

So, if you are an endurance athlete or participant, and want to try a product that does actually do what it says on the tin (packet in this case) without causing stomach problems or tasting absolutely horrendous, then head on over to Tailwindnutrition.co.uk, get your self some tailwind to try, use the link to get some money off and help raise money for the Stroke Association at the same time.

You can read my experience with tailwind at the Fellsman ultra here, and there are countless reviews on line that all seem to say the same thing….

‘It’s all you need, all day’


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